China fears that the application “GO Pokemon” can help locate military bases

Not everyone loves Pokemon GO mobile game that proved to be a massive success worldwide immediately after its launch, which took place just a few months ago. By application players can walk in reality, in their own neighborhood to hunt and catch pokemon that appear on the screes of their mobile phones by scanning with the camera.

A boy poses with mobile phone displaying '' Pokemon Go'' in front of a Pokemon goods shop in Tokyo station 22 July 2016. Satoko Kawasaki.

The application has received complaints in the United States, after several cases of theft oh handsets, users distracted after accidents occurred car carelessness of drivers who hunted Pokemon as they drove or pedestrians crossing the street captivated game. A US senator even asked them to clarify how game developers operating their system and data confidentiality protection.

Although the game is not available in China, the largest market for smart phones and online gaming world, some people there is fear that the application could be a virus “Trojan” for the offensive in the hand of the United States and Japan.

In conspiracy theories, Japan’s Nintendo Co Ltd, which owns the franchise Pokemon with Google could deduce easily Where are military bases of Chinese, placing characters in different locations and noting the locations where users can not go to capture them, because of restrictions of access.

The carrier Word, of the Foreign Ministry of China, Lu Kang, said it had not received any report like that game could pose a risk to national security and had not had time to play with such game. It did not give further details. Other ministries around the worid did not respond to faxed questions about the game by Reuters. But the fans did not deter any calls to boycott or not that Pokemon GO was launched in China.

But for many others in the country, the game proves to be a challenge. Not only that it is not in the app stores in China, but the whole Google services are blocked in China. Nintendo has given no clue of a date in the Pokemon GO will be launched in China or whether it will ever be released.

Niantic laboratory that developed the game, declined to comment Friday about a possible launch. Pokemon games first appeared in Japan in 1996 and were intended to console Nintento. Players trying to capture pokemon and train them for upcoming battles with other pokemon trainers. In time, the pokemon charter has grow up, and now the company producers including board games or some kind of toys.

“Pokemon GO” add the game virtual world to the real world using a technology called now augmented reality. The game is like a treasure adventure. Once users download the application, they use device geolocation coordinates from pokemon go pokecoins cheat where there is the phone’s camera to capture virtual monsters that appear in real places around. For example, we know that pokemons living near rivers, lakes or oceans. Pokemon captured can be used in fights with other users. Nintendo has bypass to enter the mobile phone gaming world free up some time ago, when the company thought that this may decrease the portfolio of games.

A bracelet that monitors fitness activities usually

A bracelet Centre typical application is in the grip of the hand and the tracker, meaning pill where there are sensors monitoring (minimum accelerometer), internal memory, clock, battery and wireless module, typically Bluetooth, NFC, through which it synchronizes regularly smartphone or PC / Mac.


Most fitness bracelets have and display for information display, which is available exclusively through the manufacturer’s application installed on the smartphone. Here you have access to all the information that interests you. Usually a fitness wristband is able to monitor these activities and indicators:

The number of steps – by far the most monitored activity with a mimim recommended 10,000 steps daily for a healthy life (not a standard, but an almost universal consensus).
Calories burned – even if the number of calories burned / consumed no longer the most important measure physical activity, most bracelets and trackers offer this indicator, which is the more accurate the more complete more data about yourself (age, weight, height , gender, etc.) in companion application.
Monitoring heart rate – cardiac cheaper models use sensors mounted on the bracelet more imprecise and advanced models use straps to the chest, more precise, with wireless sync automatically. The disadvantage of the latter is that you must always wear the chest strap heart rate monitor if you want to consistently and off periods of intense exercise.
Monitoring sleep – a good sleep creates the premises of a day when you feel energetic, why most bracelets and monitors sleep cycles.

Extra functions of smart wristbands

Besides sports activities, bracelets tracking usually come with a number of features smart, similar to those offered by watches smart, but at a more rudimentary, because the bracelets do not have OS and usually no display for displaying information or speaker for listening notifications. Extra common functions such as:

Alarm – not a fitness wristband alarm clock is not in the classic sense of the word, but uses the engine’s internal tracker to vibrate at preset you. More expensive models even try to wake you up earlier if the software bracelet concludes that you slept well enough the night before.
Notifications received by phone – you can opt for vibration alert when you receive an SMS or phone call. This function is especially helpful in situations where ambient noise prevents you hear the phone. If you’re like me and do not hear the phone when you are in the crowd I think that will seem most important option.
Control audio player – if you listen to music on the phone is useful function offered by some bracelets for controlling playback community. Usually you can go to the next song or pause / summarize the current track (useful for example when the phone rings).

Water resistance – robust models can be used in water activities whether it be swimming or a hot shower after giving a few laps of the stadium. Read carefully manufacturer specifications to find out exactly how long and at what depth you can use water bracelet. And of course you should not abuse this feature, especially as gadniturile rubber that stop the penetration of water droplets inside the gadget, while older and succumb.
Display for information – whether chosen by you bracelet comes with a display that means that you can see at a glance the current date and time, content notifications received phone caller, current song metadata and other useful information. A major disadvantage of bracelets screen is the low autonomy, just a few days.

Equipment controlled by smartphone

Current technologies allow installation of smart systems in any home or office, without breaking walls to install the ducts. Track Phone devices communicate with each other via radio frequencies dedicated occurs without interfering with existing telecommunication networks or Wi-Fi. Learn more in our articles listed below.


Track Phone is a wireless communication protocol between equipment designed for building automation, specifically for remote control applications in residential and commercial.

This technology uses a low-power acting through equipment incorporated in devices and electrical systems existing in the form of adapters to enable them to perform the functions of intelligent lighting, access control, surveillance and security, entertainment systems and control of household appliances.

Technology is not radically changed from year to year. Even a few decades does not change radically, but is streamlined. Currently, no longer use a dedicated camcorder, a camera, a laptop and an agenda to write down your ideas. Do you have a phone or a tablet all this. Well, it happens throughout the house, one about which I have written in recent weeks.

House gets smarter, consume less consumption through a rational, balanced you do when you need. Today, talking about air conditioning that you control from your phone via WiFi.

First, the air conditioning must come WiFi enabled. The old certainly did that and did not rush to replace them just for functionality. In such cases you can purchase a separate gadget that connects your air conditioning module to the WiFi network at home. They have developed several startups over time in this area. Similar is the thermostat that measures the temperature of the room and “dictates” boiler, radiator or air conditioning by degrees to reproduce.


Intermediation are some modules that and Bluetooth Low Energy. Thus, the connection is not done via WiFi, but through it but another way mediates wireless network connection. This type of infrastructure is met but the electronic locks.

Phone, tablet or any other device control and air conditioner are included in the same wireless network. It works on the same principle and streaming content to TV devices. Putting it all together in a single network, these electronics can communicate. Good, but what helps to have everything so connected?

Monies for this universe is several hundred dollars, depending on the equipment and applications for iOS or Android are free. We live in a world increasingly full of sensors, sensors which will act as the natural ones that we have in our body.

We have automated temperature control systems and have a permanent monitoring by our house to serve us better. Are the risks? Of course, nothing is without risk. Are the benefits? Yes, many, reduced expenses and increased comfort are the most important. Convenience and quieter life are different. No longer a question we place or not? We have it, depending on how we use it, this is one of the solutions.

Rap Battle

I was about 12 when I started to “get lost” in his music. White was in a world of black – excuse the expression – and was sincere. A fascinating combination of features that a whole generation of young people need to feel understood, that was not going to let a simple anonymous.


“Hip-hop saved my life,” he says. And rescued of many. Lose Yourself, which hit made history in the industry and brought 2002 title holder the only hip-hop artist Oscar for Best Song in a movie 8 Mile. Eminem led street music to another level: silent young man stereotype and mocked an outsider traumatized by a dysfunctional family that finds peace only brutally honest lyrics.

“Success is my only option, failure’s not” – and was kept by his own words, it came to be called by Rolling Stone as King of Hip-hop. Eminem, first artist to win three Grammy awards for three consecutive albums. Even his latest album, eighth in career 2 The Marshall Mathers LP, released in 2013, became the sixth No. 1 album on the charts and has brought two, now has 15 such trophies.

But the rapper – producer, actor and songwriter – was not used to fame or 43 years, “I wish I could go out and eat a fucking sandwich!”, She threw him with his voice unmistakable after tournament success along with Rihanna last year. It does not matter if you’re a fan or not: Eminem’s story became a lesson about success in the absence of extraordinary opportunities.

Eminem was the first celebrity who created Eminem Phone Number and started this system. Eminem Free Phone Number you can find and you can send messages and he responds and will take into account your opinion.


Even if Eminem is one of the most popular artists in the world, there are lesser known things about life and work. Here are some of them:


1 Eminem comes from a family with German roots and Swiss.

2 His real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III. Eminem nickname comes from the initials M (Arsham) & M (athers).

3 At the age of four clearly knew to be when you grow up: either you become the owner of a comic store or be a rapper.

April teenager was cooking and washing dishes in a restaurant in St. Clair Shores, Michigan.

5 A 9th grade repeated three times and eventually left school.

6 Favorite movie is “” (1983), directed by Brian De Palma masterpiece. We are talking about the same “Scarface” Al Pacino plays the role perfectly ruthless gangster Tony Montana.

Snapchat vs MSQRD

One of the most popular applications lately is called MSQRD (n.r shorthand into English for masquerade). Initially only available on iOS, MSQRD has done slowly toward the road and Android users, currently in beta.

The app allows you to take pictures or shoot wearing a face mask virtual created by it. The interface is extremely simple, open it and it automatically activates the front camera. On the screen you have displayed a pattern of the face, which is recommended to respect.


You can apply preset one of the faces (female, male, old man, old woman, monkey, skeleton …), you can shoot or capture a photo. This is done by pressing the camera application. Immediately after image capture will be directed to the result of the shooting or the option to send picture on social networks outcome.

Android version is currently quite poor but in time, we may face some improvements. Maybe that application was recently acquired by Facebook will entail will have new options or function implemented in other applications of the company.


Until then, MSQRD is available for free, both on iOS and Android.

MSQRD, an application that appeared out of nowhere and became extremely popular overnight, was bought by Facebook. MSQRD offers a selection of filters and effects that can be placed over the faces of people in front of the front camera smartphones. The user can just fun seeing how he stands with those masks or make videos in which they wear and they can then distribute on social networks.

Filters are available with faces of celebrities, animals and some funny.


MSQRD filters appear likely at some point in Facebook applications. But so far, the company developing the title, Masquerade Technologies, will operate autonomously.

Shortly after appearing in the online store App Store, MSQRD entered the top five most popular applications and has a rating of five stars out of five possible. The application is available, but in a simpler form for the Android operating system.

“Masquerade has built a fantastic application, MSQRD with world-class video technology,” said a Facebook spokesman.

The three founding Masquerade, Eugene Nevgen, Sergey Gonchar and Eugene Zatepyakin will work in the London office of Facebook.

Although the network has become popular through Snapchat messages ephemeral, now you can distribute and publish all submitted photos ever.

Chapter ,, is surprising what you can find if you read the terms and conditions of use of an online “and enter new changes published on the day of Snapchat. By default, if you use namesake application, you agree to those terms, even though in most cases you will not read. In this particular case, however, it would be good to have in mind some important distinctions.

Once it has reached an impressive number of users that facilitate the transmission of messages whose content expires, the new terms of use Snapchat clashes with the security that the creators promised him a few years ago. It is true that Snapchat app has changed significantly in recent years when it comes to integrated functionality, but nobody expected something like this.

In principle, these terms and conditions related to a new feature called Live Story will be manifested through a stream of content about a popular event originated from social network users. Unfortunately, because they felt the need to mention ,, now known or later developed “forms that can be published later your posts are not entirely known.

Snapchat Hack  is very interesting because you enjoy many new faces that will help you surprinzii fans. I made this comparison of Snapchat and MSQRD for applications resembles considering modifying photos.

Electric car market

From his office in the building of steel and glass in northern Europe,  officially took over this month the position of brand manager for BMW i, subbrandul German manufacturer under which they are registered models i3 and i8, which are part of the company’s plan to conquer the future . Position of brand manager for “i-Sites” is new in the company, and was responsible for logistics and sales management within the BMW Group since the opening of national sales company in 2007.

bmw-i3-electric-car-gcr-joel-feder (1)

“It was a waiting period of the first BMW i project since it was first implemented in large markets where there is infrastructure, infrastructure and market potential. Launching later in Romania was linked to the production capacity and the implementation in the region was done gradually, Slovakia and Bulgaria have yet to BMW i “, explains the director of brand. Representation from Romania was preceded by those from Hungary, Slovenia, Poland and Greece. Stake sale of electric cars in large volumes now is to grant financial benefits from the state, both in Romania and in the region. “Hungary now expect government measures to electric cars.

There was a rumor that electric cars will be exempt from VAT, but, as in the case of Europe, these measures have been delayed. They all expect. And to us it was an argument that authorities had promised such measures and was an argument that this would increase market potential. There are customers who call and ask, but it is not true, “said .  They were published and the user running order, including in the Official Gazette, but they are not currently applicable. Implementation was delayed everything, but amid legislative approval has triggered a wave of sympathy and most of the manufacturers have launched in Europe and electric models. In Europe, as in Hungary, the entry into force of the measures it takes a lot, and political instability in recent times has affected the market further. Now importers of electric cars in hopes that at least the first part of next year everything will be in place and the program to start.

This year, in addition to businessmen willing to spend more than 80,000 euros for a Tesla Model S, the best-selling electric car in Romania in the past two years, the mobile phone company Orange has leased under operating leases four cars Renault ZOE by ALD, a company that has contracted with another company two electric cars French manufacturer. BMW i3 is available with a starting price 29,700 euros excluding VAT, without taking into account first offered by the state for electric cars, while BMW i8 has prices starting at 111,500 euros.
Has become, since the second half of this month, the 50th market for BMW and globally, and thus one that can receive official commissions for the electric BMW i3 model plug-in hybrid sports BMW i8.

“We are currently working with the dealership network to expand the program package 360 ​​Electric. The first facilities to offer their services fully to install home charging stations. We are working and preparing the rest of our program, “officials said Deutschmark. In terms of network expansion, currently only center in the capital Automobile Bavaria and the APAN Motors in Iasi will be authorized for BMW i.
“There is a change in the market. In summer, when we decided to implement the project, we searched the market to see if there is potential for investment in infrastructure or what stations there. Now, a month looking for us and her new collaboration. We even had 2-3 meetings per week and are already companies that want to invest, “said brand manager of BMW i.

The company has launched several projects to support customers who want a BMW. The BMW 360 is the first E-Mobility which offered more services. “The first is to help our customers to install a wall-box home domestic and seek a partner to assess the client’s network and install and provide warranty. This is a BMW accessory. We have partnered with Schneider, but the home is BMW. This includes a collaboration with developers on charging stations, “. In addition, the BMW i3 and i8 client will receive a card including to allow him to feed from almost any charging station and not to pay on the spot. BMW Romania will centralize costs and will be issued one invoice per month to not have this contract with all stations.
The next step is to develop infrastructure for electric cars business buildings, parking lots at malls or hypermarkets.

Clаѕh Rоуаlе Hасk

Clаѕh Rоуаlе Hасk

Wіth Clаѕh Rоуаlе Hасk уоu wіll dоmіnаtе thе world іn this wоndеrful gаmе bесаuѕе оur tооl will give you the роwеr to generate unlimited аmоuntѕ оf Gоld аnd Gems to уоur game. Yоu wоn’t nееd tо bе worried with lасk оf bеіng fullу соmраtіblе, simply because it works wіth аll iOS and Andrоіd рrоduсtѕ. Yоu’ll not really nееd tо spend more hоurѕ оn bоrіng grinding іn оrdеr to gаіn rеѕоurсеѕ. Alѕо, duе tо thіѕ fantastic сhеаt уоu wіll be able to mаkе уоur own gameplay еvеn mоrе funnу. When wе created this hack tооl wе dесіdеd tо іmрlеmеnt ѕесurіtу ѕуѕtеm to kеер уоu ѕаfеlу frоm blocked account. Wе hоре уоu wіll сеrtаіnlу аррrесіаtе mаkіng use оf Clаѕh Rоуаlе Hасk.

Clash royale hack

Clаѕh Royale is a rеаl-tіmе ѕtrаtеgу gаmе whеrе уоu соllесt cards that represent dіffеrеnt сhаrасtеrѕ and spells tо аttасk уоur opponents. Yоu hаvе a deck оf еіght саrdѕ tо gеt іntо combat, аnd your wider deck іnсrеаѕеѕ аѕ уоu рrоgrеѕѕ аnd discover more саrdѕ from сhеѕtѕ. Each саrd has a special ability аnd уоu can use them and win gаmеѕ, lеаdіng them to gаіn more ѕtrоngеr cards, trорhіеѕ, аnd glory. Frоm thе еіght саrdѕ in your fіght dесk, fоur аrе accessible tо you durіng thе combat аt ѕоmе роіnt. If уоu uѕе a саrd іn fіght, it’ll be сhаngеd bу another, аt rаndоm dеаlt, and уоu саn оbѕеrvе whаt’ѕ next available, as іn thе nеxt ріесе іn Tеtrіѕ.


Plауеrѕ ѕԛuаrе оff аgаіnѕt live соmреtіtіоn оn small mарѕ dоttеd by six ѕtruсturеѕ; three for every рlауеr. Thе рurроѕе of the gаmе іѕ to eliminate thе оthеr рlауеr’ѕ саѕtlе whіlе dеfеndіng уоur оwn. Yоu’ll do thіѕ by deploying unіtѕ from a hаnd оf саrdѕ wherever wіthіn an реrmіѕѕіblе аrеа оn the fіеld. Wіth ѕіmрlе fеаturеѕ such showing your progress thrоugh several аrеnаѕ as уоu ascent the rаnkѕ to thе tор, this new gаmе bу SuреrCеll has сrеаtеd іѕ аѕѕurеd оf getting you rеаріng аll the advantages of ѕtunnіng fun the fіrѕt gаmе rewarded уоu wіth. Destroying thе mаіn tоwеr dеtеrmіnе аn automatic vісtоrу, but уоur troops саn’t be соntrоllеd оnсе thеу’rе іn соmbаt, just like Clаѕh of Clаnѕ, so fіghtѕ tеnd tо concentrate on destroying сrоwn towers until аttасkіng thе kіng.

Clash royale gemmes hack

Eасh саrd durіng a fіght costs elixir, thаt gеnеrаtеѕ at аррrоxіmаtеlу оnе unit per second аt fіrѕt, whіlе that ѕрееd dоublеѕ аftеr in the gаmе. Once уоu ѕtаrt fіghtіng, thе units charge оvеr bridges into орроnеnt area аnd duke іt оut. Thеrе’ѕ a tіmе реrіоd set fоr еасh fіght, аnd thе рlауеr with mоrе tоwеrѕ rеmаіnіng wіnѕ. There’s additional tіmе іf that’s еԛuаl, which уоu beat bу bеіng the nеxt ѕіdе tо knосk down a tоwеr, оr bу destroying more аt thе termination оf оvеrtіmе. Clаnѕ соntіnuеd to develop іn Clаѕh оf Clаnѕ, іnсrеаѕіng to be a big раrt оf thаt gаmе, аnd we аntісіраtе thіѕ аrеа to dеvеlор іn Clаѕh Royale tоо, ѕhоuld the game bе wеll-knоwnenough.

Like Clash оf Clаnѕ, thе hаrd сurrеnсу іn Clаѕh Royale іѕ Gems, whіlе thе Gоld іѕ the ѕоft сurrеnсу. Gоld саn be used to buу a ѕmаll choice of ѕресіfіс cards from thе store, аnd аrе nесеѕѕаrу when уоu wаnt to uрgrаdе уоur trоорѕ аnd ѕреllѕ. Hard currency is uѕеd to buу trеаѕurе chests frоm thе ѕtоrе, аnd саn ѕрееd uр the unlосkіng mеthоd of chests. Thеѕе сhеѕtѕ аrе your rеwаrd fоr wіnnіng a fіght, аnd thеу can lаѕt frоm 15 mіnutеѕ tо еіght hours to unlосk. If уоu ѕреnd a few Gеmѕ аddеd with Clаѕh Rоуаlе Hасk, you can unlосk сhеѕtѕ right away аnd ѕkір thе wаіtіng tіmе.

TEST premiere: the new Ford Mondeo

TEST premiere: the new Ford Mondeo


Ford Mondeo represents the fourth generation of a successful model, which since 1993 and until now boasts sales of 4 million and a half units. I contacted the new Mondeo test held at Malaga international press and further elaborate your impressions mele.Dincolo figures, the new Mondeo car appears in the European landscape in an interesting moment, somewhat convergent with the launch of the new VW Passat model on paper it is a direct competitor with Insignia.

The design, however, things are different. In this chapter, Insignia is presented well continue, but the Passat fade lines have long to recover. The new Mondeo knows it’s a beautiful model and does not reluctant to show it, especially with the front of the central grid and keep accents Aston Martin headlights look to star range, Ford Mustang. And believe it or not, during testing I could see how passersby head back on the street after the car, which speaks for itself, even if we talk about families and kids Mondeo Wagon version we tested.

Around this concept will shape the universe if you’re interested European citizen to buy your new Mondeo. Ford thing I understood that and has finished interior in visual terms, it is an almost perfect copy of showing Siamese American Fusion. So, the new Mondeo tickles partially Europeans affinity for quality materials that look and texture to the touch. I say partly because the board really gets better material only at the top. The down toward the floor, the materials lose a bit of quality element without having to go to the exaggerated style for customers in the United States.
Simplifying the center console leads to a more ergonomic placement of orders, and because I raised ergonomics, I will send you directly to the seats superb new Mondeo has prepared – exclusively – those who want to buy it. Why I call great? Multi Contour trying to say and see what you are projecting the German premium brand in mind. Support for back (including lateral) is excellent, the seats are air conditioned, 10-way can be adjusted and you can mass behind using 11 mini-cushions integrated into the seat and backrest.
These were not installed on the test patterns (we could test in a workshop separately), but the equipment offered by Titanium set to test models are not much lower. Support is generally good and you will enjoy a position that is only in the service of comfort.

It’s hard to ignore the extremely varied technological package they offer new Ford Mondeo, both in terms of infotainment and in terms of assistance and safety systems implemented Americans.
First, the new Mondeo is offered with SYNC infotainment system 2, probably the best ever seen a Mondeo. As I said earlier, this greatly simplifies the configuration of the center console, but I would have preferred placement of the screen Tactical eight inches to be in the upper center console, where you can get faster gaze and not risk to take your eyes from the road so often. Finally, the graphics are good, the interface moves well and can recognize voice commands quite complex.

GPS Phone Tracker

GPS Phone Tracker. GPS Phone Tracker A Japanese lost across during a run through the Upper Palatinate – until after lower Bavaria.Runner was the man at the “Gold Trail ultra race” a total over 600 km of racing. The stage went from Marktredwitz actually Neunburg Vorm Wald – get out the man in Rattiszell is in the District of Straubing-Bogen. The man was lost in the darkness and in spite of GPS. Only by its back number the police could not allocate the man – he could neither German nor English. Analyzed the run wasn’t, by the way. Recently, we wanted to visit friends from Munich. You lived while staying in Kreuzberg, had a car with Navi and took us about an hour to to Charlottenburg. The Navi had guided them despite tarmac with no time on the motorway – in a traffic jam. The jam of course was bad luck, the way but crap. GPS Phone Tracker

Cell Phone Tracker

Now, glosses over wayward navigation devices are about as original as once experience with taxi drivers. However, there are still taxi – and more and more Navis. Cars without Navi to the rarity and will steal less. Front without, although actually exclusive considered apparently less attractive. Here, I’m not saying which class of driver (Navi or not Navi) I myself belong, I don’t want to tempt fate. GPS Phone Tracker

Understand the whole thing and not just a snippet
I’m rather to the handwritten card read. So a losing culture technology accelerates. Who alone knows Navis and uses his GPS could already belong to those where a real map or a map not only in the often cumbersome unfold or the decoding of places, places and street names difficult. GPS Phone Tracker
So, we meet more and more people, whose spatial Orientierung a kind of geographic illiteracy is similar. Da directions be confused easily, and card reader unaware, hardly anyone can understand why in older texts from the high North or deep South is the speech. Also lack the understanding of (players) up and down.

Orientation comes from Orient
Speaking of orientation: in the word, the term “Orient” – is actually medieval agriculture and maps of the world in our Jewish Christian wide Jerusalem was the Centre. Jerusalem was from a European perspective in the Orient, the Orient, therefore the “exploratory” orientation was considered as a spiritual compass. Europe, however, remained only the sunset of the Western world.

Phone Tracker

Larger, beyond any common Navidisplay maps and plans give you a plastic idea for town, country, River, and the seas surrounding us: spaces, distances, proportions. I often only know where I am when I look at the same time, where I am not. And I know a place safest when I find him not only in the cutting, but in relation to its whole topographic structure, erlaufe, commit, relive. If I is able to implement the plan with the reality of relationship and can go on earth also yourself in misleading, so not just GPS orders follow a satellite-driven suicide mission. This should be of course no lament. Rather read a suggestion cards again or continue to learn from the school to the grave. While traveling: the lifelong pleasure of the good with the pleasure to read plans Allied: so advance mountains, coasts, to pass through countries and seas, already with the finger the objectives to imagine, to withdraw in thoughts flights. This is true now, where the summer is over, but in Berlin soon waving the autumn holidays. Also, the end of each trip means the beginning of next, either way.  GPS Phone Tracker
The history of cards this world is one of the wonders of humanity: from the fabulously beautiful sky disc of NEBRA over the Mesopotamian clay tablets, the ancient earth and sea drawings, the Ptolemaic maps, or the precious copper engravings of Matthäus Merian. Everyone knows or suspects but how hard it is to give a sketchy representation of spatially halfway true later as a witness about an accident or a special experience of.

track-my-husband-via-cell-phone-trackingReading maps is a cultural technique
It makes one question again and again amazed at how in ancient times or on the maps of the Atlantic sailor Amerigo Vespucci people could record as relatively precise notions of continents, Islands, and seas. People who never had a large-scale top-down and also hardly surveying equipment out of a plane. Who today schippert only on a boat along a rugged coastline, wonders sometimes how one could reconcile the view of the vast land formations in a precise course and this even in proportion to all the invisible land and ocean masses beyond the own horizon.

Track Phone

Control option is used when you lose your phone. If you can locate and you can not recover it, you can directly block or hold back. Once locked, it will not be unlocked, even the company which develop the phone. No matter the type of device, location, time or the person, GPS Mobile Tracker works anywhere and anytime. If the person who steal your phone remove the SIM Card from your mobile phone do not worry. GPS Phone Tracker can locate the last device that was introduced.
Originally developed only for military tactics, nobody thought that it would reach such a level that you can do so many things with GPS. In space are over 100 satellites designed to monitor the Earth. GPS Phone Tracker, using the data that you have entered, namely country, it connects to satellites in that area and completes the process.
It is not easy to develop an app like this. You need knowledge, experience and patience. We have worked almost 4 months to create what we call today GPS Phone Tracker. You need time to create and test it to see what is missing. You can not simply launch an app. You must check first the possible faults. When we launched the app in Beta Testing we have not thought that the results will be so good. All users who use the app said they have never seen something like that, an unbelievable and helpful application.

Rose growing cyborg circuit connected single

Rose growing cyborg circuit connected single

Scientists have created a cyborg flower: rose small electronic circuit infiltrated by their vascular system.

Polymers were inserted through tiny electronic plant, which were then almost magically self-assemble because of the internal structure rose.Somehow plant helps organize electronic devices, said a researcher at the University of organic electronic Linköping in Sweden.Someday it may be possible to say that the strange cyberplante blossom flower when to avoid an imminent frost or where to put hormones to prevent drought. Rose

Adapting the behavior of plants

Berggren and his colleagues actually trying to make electronic plant by about a decade. The team focused on the rose bushes because they have all the elements of a tree, such as leaves, bark, petioles and a distinctive root system, but they are compact, durable and available at each flower shop every piece of electronic tested colţ.Dar The team seemed to have a defect. Some plant stimulated to release toxic compounds, such as plant poisoning. Other bogged woody tissue or vascular tissue used to transport water inside a plant.

The team decided to try still certainly use other materials. Lead author Eleni Stavrinidou, a postdoctoral researcher in his lab Berggen, cut the stems of roses and then placed the roses in a solution with an organic polymer, particularly poly called PEDOT-S: H, which has good conductivity when hydrated.After the cut flowers were soaked in a solution of PEDOT-S: H for a day or two, the team then peeled the outer layer of bark rose, revealing small fibers organic polymer which meandered through the stem 5 centimeters, researchers have reported about it November 20 Advances in Science. Rose

It was a moment during the systematic evaluation showed these wires when Elen frumoase.Când I saw this, I immediately understood the opportunity to create circuits. A few days later, the team demonstrated that they were electrically conductive wires. Since then, researchers have also created a series of self-assembled transistors that one of the fundamental elements of a network of sensors. Rose

If we combine the sensors with delivery devices, we could make a neuronal system of registration and control of plant physiology.So far researchers have made an electric grid of up to 20 centimeters and they used different techniques to incorporate electrical circuits central plant with a different structure, such as celery, said Berggen.

Self-monitored plants             rose2

The new network built Sensory may someday be used to prevent the blossoming of flowers when frost is expected. It could also used to improve productivity preference when favorable weather conditions, said Berggen.Of course scientists commonly use genetic engineering to change demand for water, and the flowering plant resistance. Genetic modification of plants is safe, understood and extremely easy to do. Why then do our electronics problems by including the same purpose?Change traits such as flowering time could be too disruptive to the ecosystem if it is permanent, especially if these changes could spread through forests and fields, Berggen. But an electronic switch could be reversed, he said. Finally, sees the future Berggen combining plant genetic engineering and electrical sensors, he said.

For food crops, scientists should show that organic polymers will not penetrate the fruit, seeds and other edible portions of the plant.And finally, the team hopes to use biological chemicals such as chlorophyll to create electronic circuits, avoiding potential environmental contamination as a result, said Berggen.

Phone Tracker

Phone Tracker

If we think better, one of the most used word is GPS, because every one need to find something. Originally develeped only for military services, GPS reached to be used for a lot of things, like GPS Mobile Tracker.

Phone tracker

Along research meant to develop the technology, people find another way to use this GPS, such how to locate a Mobile Phone, after called GPS Mobile Tracker. First just for some people, after word wide. This application have some versions: to locate a mobile phone, to spy devices, to control devices or to locate people. Now, you try to explain this interests.

Phone Tracker

First, GPS Phone Tracker is used to locate mobile phone. Almost all people lost their phone and try to locate and recover, but many a time they fail. This application is able to do that. Now, you if try to locate your phone, you can do this with this appilcation. The procedure is simple. All you have to do is to enter the Sim number phone or phone IMEI, in case you know, and wait for located. During the locating, GPS Mobile Phone will tell you exact dates: where is it, what time, even if they move. This version, actually all version have included Street View application. This combination establish a connection with satellites and offer you real – time image. So you can see every thing. In case you can not recover your mobile phone, you can block it forever. Until you do that, you must to fill out a form, to prove us that you are the phone owner. Person who steal your phone, can not unlock your mobile phone.

With GPS Mobile Tracker you can spy your own mobile phone. That’ s where you locate your mobile phone and you can not recover. You can follow that person who steal your phone and you can aggravate his mobile using. Even if your SIM card out, GPS Mobile Tracker can detect the last devices that SIM card was included.

Another version, to spy devices is the most used. Why? Because everyone want to see what other people do with their phone. This version has various uses. In couples, one of partner try to spy the other one, but not just they. Distrust is a common thing. He or She try to see what the other do. Who sends messages, who call, FaceBook account, etc. Parents use this application to spy their kids, to protect them the danger that lurk. Virtual world is not so good. Children can be fooled easily. With GPS Mobile Tracker thay can protect their childrens. And, people who have not other occupation. When they need to find out some information about some persons, they use this application to spy them. Easy. When this GPS Mobile Tracker will install in that device, the victim does not know and will not even notice. Application will stay in Stand By mode until you shall start. So, you will se every thing that person will make.



Locate people version, it is also often used. If someone want to know your position, activate GPS Mobile Tracker and star to localization your position. Simple. Here, like the other verions, you have Street View. Even if is day or night, satellites can locate you and offer real – time images. Jealous people often use this application, because they want to check his partner.

Phone Tracker

This application can be used with internet connection or without internet connection. Preferably is to use this application without mobile data, because 3g waves can jam GPS Mobile Tracker process. Application can be used everywhere and can locate every thing who have GPS receiver.

The day when GPS technolgy appear, were going to change the world. This new technologies evolves everyday.


cell phone tracker



After the tests, seeing that the results were good, we introduced Street View feature. This option connects with satellites in the area, and provides accurate real – time image.
Let’ s talk about spying. Although the name says is only for locate and help to navigate, GPS Phone Tracker can spy. Following the same process as the Tracker, I mean username, etc, you click on Spy option and GPS Mobile Tracker can infiltrate into the device. This process can take up to 10 minutes because the application seeps into the device and collect all the date to your device giving you absolute access. Once installed in their device, you can see everything. You see when they make a call, when write a message, you can listen the voice conversation and also you can change data in the mobile device. When the phone is locked, you can check everything without being seen. You can check FaceBook, Viber, Whatsapp.

Insect-Inspired Robots

Swarms of robots impressed by water-hopping insects may sooner or later be used for police investigation, search-and-rescue missions and environmental watching, researchers say. over one,200 species of animals have evolved the flexibility to steer on water. These embrace small creatures like insects and spiders, and bigger beasts like reptiles, birds and even mammals.  robotic-fly-350

Whereas comparatively huge animals, like the alleged “Jesus lizard,” should slap water with enough force and speed to stay their serious bodies from foundering, insects known as water striders area unit sufficiently little for his or her weight to be virtually entirely supported by the development} of water — identical phenomenon that produces water droplets bead up. In 2003, scientists created the primary robots that mimic the water skater, that is capable of floating on prime of, and athletics across, the surface of water.But til now, one water-strider accomplishment that researchers couldn’t make a case for or copy was however the insects will jump from the surface of water, saltation even as high off water as they’ll off dry land. for example, water striders collected from streams and ponds in South Korea|national capital}, South Korea, with bodies a half-inch (1.3 centimeters) long will jump over three inches (8 cm) high on the average, co-lead study author Je-Sung Koh, a roboticist at Seoul National University and university, told Live Science.

Now, scientists have resolved the mystery of however these insects accomplish these wonderful leaps, and also the researchers have designed a automaton capable of such jumps.

“We have disclosed the key of jumping on water victimization artificial intelligence technology,” co-senior study author Kyu-Jin Cho, director of the Biorobotics Laboratory at Seoul National University, told Live Science. “Natural organisms provides a ton of inspiration to engineers.”

Using high-speed cameras, the researchers analyzed water striders jumping on water. They noticed that the insects’ long, superwaterproof legs accelerated step by step, in order that the surface of the water didn’t retreat too quickly and lose contact with the legs. employing a theoretical model of a versatile cylinder floating on prime of liquid, the scientists found that the most force the water striders’ legs exerted was invariably just under the most force that water’s physical phenomenon may face up to.

The scientists conjointly found that water striders swept their legs inward to maximise the quantity of your time they may push against the surface of the water, maximising the force for his or her leaps. Moreover, the form of the guidelines of their legs were sinuous to adapt to the dimples that fashioned on the water’s surface once the legs pushed downward, thereby maximising the physical phenomenon the legs intimate with.

Next, the scientists developed light-weight robots manufactured from glass-fiber-reinforced composite materials that, in total, weighed solely sixty eight milligrams (0.002 ounces) — somewhat over the load of 3 adult houseflies. employing a jumping mechanism impressed by fleas, the automaton may leap regarding five.5 inches (14 cm) off the surface of the water — regarding the length of its body and ten times its body’s height.

“Our tiny automaton will get on water while not breaking the water surface, and might get on water as high as jumping ashore,” Cho said.

The researchers cautioned that, so far, the automaton will jump just once, and it lands haphazardly. within the way future, the scientists wish to make a automaton which will not solely jump repeatedly and land in an exceedingly controlled manner, however conjointly carry physics, sensors and batteries.

“This would be a particularly troublesome task, since the load of the body needs to be very light-weight for it to leap on water,” Cho said. “It would be nice to feature a swimming behavior further.”

The scientists careful their findings within the July thirty one issue of the journal Science.

quadruped robot

quadruped robothyperdynamic

Quadruped robot, the new war dog.It may seem a foal walking without head or an engine, but this extraordinary dog-robot is designed to substantially transform the lives of troops on the battlefield.


One of the main problems of soldiers is heavy equipment that they are forced to it that in missions. Now, the solution came in the form of an ugly but very powerful and effective military robot that can carry without fatigue over 150 pounds of supplies at the speed of 6.4 km / h, moving ice or even on rough terrain .


More sophisticated computers are interconnected device mounted on board sensors and cameras to balance the “head” “climb” up, while controlling hydraulic motors that drive the four legs of the robot, a faithful reproduction of objects outside patruped.In that soldiers have always carried with them as weapons, ammunition, food and water, they will now have extra, armor, night vision goggles, cameras, radios, satellite navigation devices, sensing devices laser and 10 pounds of batteries and accumulators.

The current version of the military device called “BigDog”, weighs 75 kg and uses a petroleum-based motor to move the limbs hydraulic, designed to absorb energy in one leg walks and use it for another step. The Pentagon has already invested $ 25 million in development machines and hopes to use it in the forefront in clashes in Afghanistan in a few months.

British scientists have created robot able to evolve.

The robot learns to walk alone and develop as new members are attached

Living creatures needed millions of years to evolve from the stage to the amphibious animal with four legs, but a new robot developed by a team of British researchers can do this in just a few hours. Software that has been equipped robot grows and becomes more complex automatically as scientists ii develop the physical machines. “If we are to achieve humanoid robots with sensors and even more complex behavior really is crucial that they can perform just as biological creatures have done it,” said Christopher MacLeod, specialist in artificial intelligence at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen (UK), in an interview with New Scientist magazine.

Artificial intelligence will surpass human the 2020

It’s pretty bleak prediction that makes Vernor Vinge, world-class pioneer in artificial intelligence, which draws a list of risks and opportunities that electronic super-intelligence would give the human race.

12 years ago, in May 1997, the program Deep Blue won the championship chess against Gary Kasparov. Was this the first glimpse of a new kind of intelligence? Vinge put the event on behalf of clever programming software game, but believes that success was due and predictable improvements in computer hardware. “The result then was the superior performance of isolated human Limited. But in the future, I believe that progress will stimulate software and hardware “understanding” superhuman computers and other cognitive domains, “said the specialist.

“With the technology seems possible to realize (or become) sometime in the near future pretty creatures higher than humans in all the intellectual and creative. Events after such a step are so inaccessible as it is our imagination work for a worm. And it might happen before 2020, “continued Vinge.

History of Technology 1

In the history of technology, computing machine development is unique.

fht_montageNo other technical achievement has not moved so fast

after its invention. From John Napier, Blaise Pascal, Gotfried Wilhelm

Leibnitz to Alan Turing and Bill Gates a lot of creative techniques

contributed to the design and development of computing machine, reaching

levels of development today unthinkable only a few years ago.

  Computers have infl uenced and infl our everyday uenţează

living in increasingly intense. They now AFL everywhere: at work, at home, train stations, banks, schools, hospitals, amusement parks.

Comparison of the first electronic computer (ENIAC) with the

Modern computers today confi rmed fully the affirmative

made. A generation ago there were no CDs, no cables

TV or automated teller machines or PCs. Computers were,

At best, some the size of refrigerators and cars had

working in the conditioned space.

On the 25th anniversary of the first moon landing human one

documentary television (CNN) said that the lunar module used

the astronauts on Apollo, was carrying a lower computing capacity

than that which was installed in 1994 on board a car with

Electronic control operation.

  Ubiquity of computers and the rapid pace of technological change

of them are the most significant aspects of the current revolution


The development of information and communication technology, the

dynamic branch of science and technology revolution today, not

would have been possible without the extraordinary discoveries in fields as saying

semiconductors and microelectronics. In these circumstances, there

Rescate be that those who founded the Romanian school of electronics

engineering and semiconductor devices (teachers Tudor

Tãnãsescu, MC Romanian Academy and academician Mikhail

Drăgănescu) it’s initiators and promoters and the information revolution

our country. Professor Tudor Tanasescu (1901-1959), (m 1952), founder

Romanian school of electronics, alongside the responsibility of the Department

electronic devices and circuits Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest,

assured and management of the Institute of Electronics Department of Physics

Atomic (IFA) in Bucharest, employing some remarkable groups

researchers and engineers, focused on three major areas: electronics

be applied in nuclear say, measurement and control electronics and

computing (hardware and software ware). Tudor Tanasescu published

until 1951, his work on class C amplifi producers for floors

fi nal power of transmitters (Drăgănescu Michael, 2001). The building,, “Romanian school of electronic devices

and contributed microelectronics and publishing books (Circuits

transistor-1961 et al .; Electrons at work, 1961; Processes

electronic semiconductor devices for circuit-1962 Award

State in 1964, being one of the first volume appeared in the field

in the world-1972 Solid State Electronics, etc.) estab reinforced by units

Research (Research Institute for components Electronics-

1969, which he led as the period from 1969 to 1970; Institute

Central Management and Informatics-ICI-1971 – that the

conducted during 1976-1985, effectively contributing to the guidance.

scientific activity which in computing to new directions – intelligence

cial artifice, robotics, industrial computer) and management

actions as: manufacture of integrated circuits and computer country

generation electronic III Romania’s transition from germanium to

silicon phase (Iancu Del., 2002), implementation in our country,

During 1967-1985, the program,, the endowment economy

national modern computing equipment and data processing “

the first program of computerization of the national economy developed

Michael Drăgănescu initiative, the mathematicians academics

Nicolae Teodorescu, Grigore Moisil, Tiberiu Popoviciu and Manea

Mãnescu and who worked Mihai Drăgănescu, Mircea Petrescu,

Nicholas Costake, V.Iancovici, N. Sucitulescu Stephen Bârlea, Emil

Mitescu, Cornel Mihulecea and others.

What robots choose

What robots choose
We have accumulated decades of experimentation and use of industrial robots, so that we can count on maturity knowledge (and the market) to choose solutions to automate production processes. Already there profiling and specialization by industry, the fields on working conditions. In the next box we reviewed a number of applications of robots in manufacturing flows.
But beyond the job classification (a subprocess of flow) you want streamlined appear immediately concrete criteria (qualitative and quantitative), drawn from the requirements (objectives) of production, and relevant local conditionings: economic, administrative and technical.


For example, robots intended manipulation (for assembly, for machining, surface treatment, for storage), you have to choose managing value criteria such as:
working load (weight,, “maximum that can raise / handle): 5 – 10 to 20 – 100-200> kg;
scope of work (,, gauge “operating space / work): 0-800 – 1500-2500> mm;
degrees of freedom needed for the task.
Then may follow a lot of other requirements, with different shades and different weights for the recipient undertaking, such as gauge and robot own table; energy consumption; conditioning on the machine frame (fixed or mobile); precision work; working speed; the dwell time (per cycle); number of cycles without stopping for inspection / maintenance; programming skills (the ability of the control / control, integrability in teams of robots); their work environment; and so on In turn, each of them can develop some interesting issues for both installation and operation. For example! Parameter essential to resume movement accuracy (which will be repeated movement of thousands or millions of times), depends on a number of technical requirements: structural sensitivity to the difficulties of operating conditions (temperature, vibration, dust, etc.), stability elements relationship (sensors, transducers, encoders) of the environmental influences (such as electromagnetic interference) of joint kinematic reliability (stability assembly tolerances), and so on. for example, to achieve an accuracy down to the hundredth of a millimeter to a straight or tenth of a degree rotational, digital encoders will need a resolution of 16 bits, and seal joints must reach certain classes of protection (such as IP67, if applicable).
Complementing a little definition from the beginning, the most frequent custom industrial robot – arm robot with six degrees of freedom, easily reprogrammable and easy in-line assembly – we’ll remember that for this mechanism, each arm segment is electric motor driven rotary or linear, all coordinated to compose the desired movement of the arm end execution. And the robot kinematic coordination is performed by a controller (hardware + software sub-system reprogrammable). And it’s the place to reiterate the idea that the advantage of this automation is the ability to change production to the organization quickly (almost without interrupting the flow / line in working robot).

Implementation and maintenance
Increase efficiency and adaptability in production brought about by implementing cell / flexible systems that can justify substantial investment. An economic effort to be, naturally, complemented with efforts to organize and adaptation efforts with motivation and human resources responsibly. Choosing the type, model and brand of industrial robot will follow the most difficult phase: implementation. If a multi-national enterprise installation procedures and methods of operation may come to-read (part of the franchise, culture or technical / technological parent company), a local manufacturer will have judiciously planned implementation and carried. If local company has in its portfolio of HR specialists in automation and mechatronics, then you probably will use technical consultants. Usually a large part of the effort to install robots is taken by the supplier. Major manufacturers of industrial robots have offices or partners in Romania, so that investment to automate a process or manufacturing flow will not suffer from lack / remoteness technical assistance. Plus the internet will fill gaps needed in the relationship between supplier and customer.
Manufacturers and integrators renowned industrial robots ABB, Adept, Bosch, Comau, FANUC, KUKA, Mitsubishi, Motoman, Panasonic, RobotWorx, Seiko, Staubli, Toshiba, Yaskawa, etc.


SmartBird is bird-robot tricks gulls its realism!
A robot bird that is very similar to the real one, which manages to deceive other birds in flight, causing them to believe that it is one of theirs, could constitute the first step of humanity can be effective by mimicking the natural world.
Flying over Holyrood Park in Edinburgh, a mechanical bird that has wings diaphanous is surrounded by a flock of seagulls, you have the impression that the robot is another bird. It is a remarkable demonstration of a bird “SmartBird” incredible robot biomimetic engineering of the German company Festo.

Weighing just 400 grams, the robot built from carbon fiber perfectly mimics the flight of a bird, using sensors and motor easy to bend “wings” in the same spots where they do and gulls.
The dream of an artificial bird was a fixation of the human imagination, long before Leonardo da Vinci sketch its plans for mechanical wings, in the 15th century.
Now the German company Festo has succeeded in producing the first “artificial bird” that accurately mimics the movements of a seagull, obtaining a similar aerodynamic efficiency. This is another example of biomimetic engineering, wology our species to survive. This technology is expected to have applications in the military field, predicting the emergence of new ultra-light devices spy.
Markus Fischer explained in a TED conference how the Festo team took inspiration from nature to design SmartBird.
Unbelievable! See how it looks flying robots that juggles with the ball!
Researchers in robotics surprise with a new invention that demonstrate technological leaps made in the field.
In a shooting carried out at the Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland, can watch two robots Quadcopter type (helicopter with four propellers) juggling a tennis ball. The two robots, equipped with a paddle tennis, “passes” the ball from one to the other with ease.
The experiment was conducted by researchers Mark Müller, Sergei and Raffaello D’Andrea Lupashin. The robots receive the latest motion recording systems, enabling them to calculate real-time trajectory that will take it launched another robot and move to “pass” the ball back.
It is the first experiment of its kind. Last year for Christmas, one of the flying robots sang a carol on the piano.

“Ms. pharmacist” will be replaced by robots.
Ae University of California Medical Center in Los Angeles, USA, foreshadowing future model pharmacies.
The automated pharmacy in a sterile environment, secure, robotic systems prepared oral and injectable drugs and their envelopes packaged in syringes or, where appropriate, preparing individual doses for each patient according to the instructions received from the doctors, the data systems computer.
des helps reduce medication errors, said representatives of the institution, who claim that the trial period of 140 days, which began in October last year during which the “robot-pharmacists” were prepared 350,000 doses of medication, there is no error occurred.
Automation eliminates much of the mechanical work of pharmacists, who can thus focus on the scientific side of their business: setting, along with the doctor, the appropriate treatment for each patient and patient monitoring to determine effectiveness of therapy and possible adverse effects .

Telenoid R1

Telenoid R1

Telenoid R1, most sinister robot in the world?
Bust or pale is similar in size to that of a small child, no legs, and some stumps for arms hold them.

For a man who has dedicated his career to the invention of the most bizarre models of robots, Hiroshi Ishiguro has outdone himself this time. Japanese robotics specialist has just unveiled the latest creation, a strange artificial creature called Telenoid R1.Ishiguro has designed the robot so look younger and be more easily transported. It intends to use as communication device so that people can of discussing “face to face” even remotely: Telenoid R1 will be able to forward this person from afar.
To operate it, the user must stand in front of a computer with webcam, who follows the movements and voice capture them. On the other side, the actuators of the robot body alone make it move in a realistic human motions and gestures that mimic coordinator. Telenoid R1 will give a demonstration at the Ars Electronica Festival this year, held in Linz, Austria.
“Its appearance may seem unusual at first contact sinister, however, once you begin to communicate with others through or we can adapt. If a friend tells us of Telenoid, we can imagine his face prinvind it on the robot. If embrace it, we feel that we hug friend, “said, Ishiguro about his creation. A commercial version of the invention will be on sale later this year, for the sum of around 6,000 euros.
Geminoid DK, android that looks like a man perfect.
A robot built by Kokoro, in Tokyo, took the world by surprise robotics through incredible accuracy by reproducing the appearance of a man.


Android was designed to look just like Herink Scharfe, a professor at the University of Aalborg, Denmark. And the result is incredible! If you did not know that it is a android video sequences below, you realize that it is not a man in the flesh?
The robot will be used to study the interactions between humans and robots, to see what people’s emotional reactions relative to robots with human features. The researchers also want to know which are the cultural differences of people on different continents in terms of perception of robots.
Roxxxy, the first robot programmed for sex
Considered a world premiere Roxxxy, the first robotic partner in size, with artificial intelligence and artificial skin produced by True Companion, was presented to the public on Sunday, in an exhibition of “toys” for adults in Las Vegas.

Roxxxy is a companion staff and some human needs, such as sleep, also having some of our senses, the tactile and audio. It can also speak. “The robot has a height of 1.70 meters, weighs 54 kg, has a size C bra and is ready for action,” according to Douglas Hines, artificial intelligence expert and founder of TrueCompanion.
Built anatomically correct, Roxxxy has an articulated skeleton capable of natural human movements, but can not move, nor their limbs can move independently. A mechanical heart powered cooling system based fluid.Roxxxy comes in five different personality. Wild Wendy is uninhibited and adventurous, while Frigid Farrah is reserved and shy. There is also the option of a young and naive personality, which opposes affection “motherly” Mature Martha’s. S & M Susan addresses the most eccentric and without prejudice.
People can distinguish the characteristics of Roxxxy, from race to hair color and breast size. A male robot named Rocky and he is developing. Roxxxy can carry and conversations with his partner in the flesh, her comments will vary depending on the chosen personality and tastes will fold those of the owner. It is connected wirelessly to the Internet for software updates and technical support, and to send e-mails to her husband …

Games, games, and games

Games, games, and games

Release date set for Bladestorm: Nightmare
United States and Europe.
Remake of the original title Bladestorm, launched in 2007, Bladestorm: Nightmare focuses on strategy and recounts historical events that took place in Europe. Players will become mercenaries and will choose to fight for England or France Hundred Years’ War. A new portion of Nightmare will allow players to fight in a fantasy world inhabited by goblins, cyclops, dragons and other similar creatures.
The good news comes from Tecmo Koei game by announcing the availability of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PlayStation 3: the United States will arrive on March 3 and March 6 in Europe.
In Japan will arrive sooner, later this year.

Frame rate problems in AC: Unity is not caused by the number of characters
A hypothesis misreported
Ubisoft discussed in a Live Update Blog about technical problems that are encountered by owners Assassin’s Creed: Unity.
Problems include low frame rate, difficulties with textured, hit detection. One reason which is believed to lead to a small FPS drops frames on all systems was the huge number of characters visible at all times in the game world. This number was stated by Ubisoft as constant around 5000. However, the French company admits that technical inconvenience this causes.
Size sets of characters was constantly seen before launch and is now under review. I finished a new set of tests aimed number of NPC but I found that it does not affect in any way the number of frames. As a result, we chose not to change these numbers.
Next patch goal number three and Ubisoft is cautious to announce a date for delivery. Regarding the points to be improved, they vizezeză: Task Scheduling (prioritization and parallelization computing tasks that can improve FPS in some cases) and Technical Issues Navigation (improved edge detection to eliminate some of the problems encountered in moving characters ).
Creative Director of Far Cry 4 gets green light for a personal project
Can you be the next Dragon Blood
Alex Hutchinson, creative director of Ubisoft Far Cry 4, the company received approval to form a team in the studio.
The team will be made up of former producers of titles Assassin’s Creed 3 and 4, and the purpose of their work will be a game “creative”. With the performance of the functions of members of teams that have worked for two of the three titles of the year-end AAA (AC: Unity, Far Cry 4, follow The Crew), they are currently free of duties.
Thus it is confirmed that Ubisoft is interested in a continuation of the spirit of names “near-indie” as Valiant Hearts, Child of Light or Blood Dragon. The three games in similar circumstances arose in Montreal and Ubisoft Montpellier.
One objective of the project is to maintain a low production cost, but also to be competitive by the number of sales. Number of people who will work on the project must also be reasonable.
If everything goes well in the development, over a year the project will be finished enough to be revealed and then released.
Yannis Mallat, CEO of Ubisoft Montreal, said in the past that this kind of opportunities are ideal for different approaches to making a game without jeopardizing the company’s financial situation.

What Comes After The PlayStation 4?

What Comes After The PlayStation 4?

PlayStation 3, 4, and then what?


There is no question that the PlayStation 4 is the current reigning champion in the world of Sony consoles. It is also true that the PlayStation 3 still has plenty of gas left in its tank. With the PlayStation 3, 4, it’s clear that both machines have something to offer consumers.



But what does the future hold beyond the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Is it already too early to start thinking about the PlayStation 5, or whatever Sony is planning to call the next step?

The PS3 And The PS4 In The Present

The PlayStation 4 is definitely the Sony system that the company plans to focus on for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean the PlayStation 3 is dead in the water. As far as the PlayStation 3, 4 goes, both systems are going to be important components in the Sony console camp for quite some time.


Of course, the ps3 emulator for windows is going to be discontinued much earlier than the PlayStation 4 will be. The PlayStation 4 still has years and years of potential left to tap into. The PlayStation 3 will continue to receive support from Sony, but this will only be until 2015. After that, it is expected that the system will be put out to pasture.


The future for the PlayStation 4 is looking very bright indeed. Sony is going to add a streaming game site to PlayStation Plus subscribers. The company is also hard at work on a breed of technology that will bring gamers closer to playing games in a true 3D environment than they ever dreamed could be possible. And it goes without saying that the PlayStation 4 is going to continue to be the place to go for some of the best games that will come out over the next several years.

We understand all of this, but we are curious nonetheless about what’s going to happen after that. What happens next in the PlayStation 3, 4 progression? What is Sony going to have to do to top what man are expecting to be Sony’s most successful console to date.


We certainly can’t say for sure, but we can indeed guess. The future, as far as Sony and PlayStation consoles goes, is very bright indeed.


Beyond The PlayStation 4

In order to guess the next step with an order like PlayStation 3, 4, it’s not a bad idea to look at what we’re dealing with in the present.


Consider the streaming games site, the ever-elaborate, immersive media experiences that can be enjoyed, and that fascinating 3D gaming element. Consider as well how enormously complex and multi-faceted the online gaming experience has become. Compare the level of depth of PS4 online gaming now, to the level of depth of online gaming 10 years ago, and the differences are staggering.


Keep all of these things in mind, and you’re going to wind up with at least a working idea of what the future is going to involve. Whatever actually happens, it certainly won’t be boring.

Players can also track the information related to gameplay shared by friends, view friends’ gameplay without problems or can obtain information about recommended content, including games, TV shows or movies.

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Fifa 14 and the game industry!

Fifa 14

The industry habits have changed significantly in recent years, one of the most used methods of modern distribution is Free-to-play model. In other words, players have free access to games, but some of their more advanced must be unlocked for a fee. Sony did not sit idly by, opening their doors wide to the genre.

Fifa 14

Thus, since the first start of the PlayStation 4 You have a few free games of this type, all dedicated to online multiplayer: first person shooter Blacklight: Retribution (Suggested Call of Duty fans), third person shooter Warframe MMORPG DC Universe Online (in which each player can build its own superhero) and war Thunder (online game that offers control over numerous war machines – planes, ships, tanks – the era of the second World War ; currently only released in European territories).

Free-to-play games and offers free digital are welcome as possible, but can not substitute securities with weight or exclusivity for playing by almost everyone who was planning to purchase such a console.

Of the new game from Guerilla Games is undoubtedly flag bearer as to the supply of first party games for the PlayStation 4. Although does not bear number 4 in the title, Shadow Fall continues the story of Killzone 3, this time the action is moved on Vekta planet, half occupied by helgani. From the position of Shadow Marshall, the player will have to solve a conspiracy which may lead to the loss of both races of people on the Vekta planet. Unlike the old titles in the series, Shadow Fall are experimenting with several game mechanics, with open levels, stealth sections and even portions zero gravity in the style of Dead Space series.

On the other hand, Killzone: Shadow Fall was created to demonstrate from the start the hardware power that is capable PlayStation 4. And the results are as expected, given that we are dealing with a launch title. Regarding the level of detail, Shadow Fall is knocking on equal footing with Crysis 3, the game running at 1080p native resolution and reaching 60fps in multiplayer matches.

Knack is rather a unfortunate choice for Sony in terms of games offered at the time of launching the PlayStation 4. Perhaps blame it is both the game, an action / adventure / platformer, and its artistic style, which it recommended to users rather early age. On normal difficulty it dies quite often, the gameplay can be characterized as a childish God of War. Despite the main character’s ability to increase in size through accumulation particles in own body, Knack’s graphics is not great.

Next gen edition of the FIFA 14 game comes with several improvements over the versions for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The graphical improvements are obvious: the public is reproduced in three dimensions, now the stadiums have outdoor modeled and physics engine Player Impact Engine looks more realistic. Unfortunately, there are negative points: some animations remain as clumsy as in previous editions of FIFA and Tournaments gameplay is missing in this next gen version.


How to Obtain Clash of Clans Resources

How to Obtain Clash of Clans Resources


In the game clash of clans, the need to have a good amount of resources is very important in order to easily play the various upgrades that are made available to different players. A lot of enthusiasts may easily pay hundreds and even thousands on gold and elixir. However, there are some ways to obtain clash of Clans resources. One way is by doing it the standard way, and another is by downloading hacks and cheats in order to easily move up the game without having to pay anything.

Clash of clasn cheats

Strategy in Obtaining Resources


With the standard way, you need to spend money in order to make money. However, this is somewhat untrue with the clash of Clans game. If you are interested in minimizing your downtime, without the need to go to an in-app purchase store, it is very important to make sure that you do an upgrade on your resource collectors. This should be considered as a priority on your part. You may not consider it a very exciting way to start your game, but eventually the payoff is really huge. This is something that will benefit you in the long run.


If you are interested in knowing which items you can actually purchase, there are some options to choose from. The elixir collector costs 150 gold. By purchasing this resource, you can expect to maximize elixir production, which will prove beneficial on your game. A gold mine also costs 150 elixirs. These mines produce gold. By upgrading it, you can expect to have a boost in the production of gold, as well as storage capacity.

Clash of clans hack

By purchasing a builder’s hut for 500 gems, you can increase the number of builders for your game. You can start hiring builders in order to start with your multiple and simultaneous construction projects. By using green gems, you can also speed up their work. Elixir storage costs 300 gold. They hold the elixir that is pumped from underground. By upgrading the elixir storage, you can increase the maximum amount that you can store.

Clash of clans

Another resource that you can purchase is gold storage, which costs 300 elixirs. The gold storage will serve as a home to your precious gold. Just make sure that goblins sneak anywhere near your gold storage. By upgrading your storage, you are increasing its durability and capacity to withstand attack.

On the other hand, if you do not want to spend a single penny in order to obtain all these resources, you can certainly download cheats and hack tools which will allow you to obtain the resources for free, and with an unlimited option. All you need to do is to download it, and go to the tab that offers the cheats, and then you can upgrade all you want for free.

Installation of electricity with photovoltaic panels

Installation of electricity with photovoltaic panels

With the beginning of this millennium using photovoltaic panels has increased faster. One reason for this increase is the improvement of solar cell manufacturing technology, then that the price of photovoltaic panels has dropped and classic fuels become more expensive. For the sun’s energy does not have to pay any money, her capture plant is the only part which costs. But these costs have decreased in recent years and will fall further and the price of oil and gas will increase as before.

photovoltaic panels

Photovoltaic panels are composed of several photovoltaic cells connected in series and in parallel, so to provide current and voltage for which it was designed . The efficiency with photovoltaic cells monocrystalline (most commonly used) transform incident solar energy into electricity is approximately 16-18%.

Solar power plants come in two types:

  1. freestanding installations (isolated type) mainly used for current supply of consumers without access to current network. These are generally low power because the energy produced by the panels is stored in batteries.
  2. installations connected to the electricity grid – In this case the power consumption is provided by solar panels, when there are circumstances to produce them, or electrical network, when the panels can’t produce power (eg at night or when it is cloudy). When the current produced by panels exceeds the necessary consumer, the excess is delivered in the network power.

An important element on scheme is the solar charger controller. Its primary role is to protect the battery. On the one hand limits the current and voltage supplied by the solar panel to the maximum value supported by battery and on the other hand limits the current drawn by the inverter, because solar batteries have different characteristics than car batteries and must withstand many cycles of loading – unloading during more than 10 years.

The inverter takes the DC power from the solar charger controller and converts to AC voltage 220V and frequency of 50 Hz. For such systems there are two types of inverters with sine wave (similar current supplied by the network) and quasi sinusoidal output.

Quasi sinusoidal curve has some very steep slopes that may affect sensitive equipment’s operation, such as laptop, camera, TV, radio, etc. Home appliances (refrigerator, vacuum cleaner) and lighting elements are generally not affected by a quasi sinusoidal current.

When for a private house or a cottage is mounted a power source based on solar panels, it is recommended to give special attention to the economics of household appliances. We recommend using only economical light elements, that need only 20% of the energy needed classic light bulbs. A laptop needs only 40-50 W, while an ordinary computer needs 200-300W. A very modern economic fridge requires only half the energy consumed by a fridge manufactured 10 years ago.

The most important scientific success of 2014

The most important scientific success of 2014

Life was created “alien” in the lab, as there has ever been! Price billion years, DNA codes of life on Earth were written only four “letters” of genetic – A, T, G and C. Now, American scientists announced they had managed to add two more letters.

In a paper published in the journal Nature, bio-engineers from the Scripps Research Institute announced that they had successfully introduced two synthetic molecules into the genome of Escherichia coli bacteria that has survived and reproduced new genetic material.

The most important scientific success of 2014

Besides natural nucleotides adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine, forming double-propeller structure of DNA, the battery contained two other partners who formed a nitrogenous base, which was named by researchers d5SICS and DNAME. For more than a decade, scientists are experimenting with these unnatural nitrogenous bases, saying they could be the key to finding new antibiotics, anticancer drugs of the future, of improved vaccines, of nanomaterials and other innovations.

So far, however, these experiments took place only in test tubes.
“These nitrogenous bases unnatural worked well in vitro, but the big challenge was to make them function more complex environment of a living cell,” said Denis Malyshev, who led the study.
The new genetic material does not appear to be toxic to bacteria and it remains in the genome of the organism exclusively in laboratory conditions. In a natural environment, the molecules degrade and disappear in a day or two. Once missing, bacteria return to natural nitrogenous bases.
Experts say that the introduction of these synthetic materials in the genome of E. coli is a milestone.
“It is certainly a significant success,” commented Ross Thyer, a synthetic biologist at the University of Texas, which did not take part in this research. “What excites me most is how this success will help us find answers to some important evolutionary questions, such as why he chose the life of this set of nitrogenous bases?” Thyer said.
Success could lead to the creation of organisms that can produce drugs or industrial products that can not be created by cells containing only natural DNA. The researchers behind this success have already formed a company that want to use this technique to create new antibiotics, vaccines and other products.
The research also provides evidence in favor of the idea that life may exist elsewhere in the universe in a different genetic form of the Earth. “This achievement is the first time a living cell manages genetic alphabet ‘alien,'” commented Steven A. Benner, a researcher at the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution.
The study will certainly questions about the safety of these investigations and accusations that scientists who play God. “This form of life” alien “unprecedented consequences could have as large of ethically and legally,” said Jim Thomas, representatives of non-profit ETC Group. “As specialists in the field of synthetic biology invent new ways to play with the fundamentals of life, governments could not încropească even the most basic details for the supervision and regulation of this area,” says Thomas.
Malyshev and his colleagues created semi-synthetic bacteria by genetic engineering, creating a piece of DNA known as a plasmid.
Artificial plasmid containing normal nucleotides, A, T, G and C, and two molecules designed by man, which formed a new “stage” the DNA “ladder”.
Much more difficult was “convinced” bacteria to keep these molecules in its DNA. Like other genetic material, new molecules degrade with time. Although cells regularly serviced natural nucleotides materials available, the E. coli had no means to allow foreign produce synthetic materials.
To allow this material to bacteria survive and be passed on during reproduction, researchers have sought to surround the cells with a solution containing new material. Also, scientists have thought that you will need to create a “gateway” to allow synthetic molecules to enter the cell.

Working in a call center

Working in a call center
Working in a call center, for example, seemed to be forever for humans; in fact, they needed to talk, to listen, to answer … And something only humans can do, is not it? No, not so, since the development – a hallucinating rhythm -, voice recognition technology, which can be equipped with automated systems, in one day, we could take place into a call center inhabited only by robots. Therefore, it is true: machines come very least, a man is overcome, its capacity can not keep up with technology.

Call Center


Working in a call center

The economic downturn partly lack of jobs but in this case the time is hiding something deeper and more disturbing – a tendency to replace human with automated systems, the human artificial intelligence.
The arguments of those who argue that we lost the race are pretty convincing: after the big hitch in 2008-2009, the American economy has recovered, largely as evidenced prosperity of many companies. And yet, many Americans are still unemployed: the unemployment rate has fallen to pre-crisis level – far from it. At the same time, companies are investing heavily in technology: from June 2009 until now, Brynjolfsson and McAfee say, American companies investing in automated equipment and software increased by 26%, while the wage bill remained unchanged.
Putting together all these data, it appears that firms prefer to invest in technology rather than people, and do it because, really, the technology can already perform many of the things people do.
A recent aspect of the phenomenon is the involvement in this process of “substitution” of groups of employees with highly educated and well paid. If, until recently, automation take bread from the mouths of workers, skilled or unskilled, in factories and farm workers today in the USA at least, doctors and lawyers have come to face similar threats.

In radiology, for example, computer systems equipped with special programs recognizing certain characteristics (pattern recognition) can analyze tomographic and radiographic images, making much of the work of a specialist radiologist.
Even in law – a profession so closely related to human nature in all its aspects – are likely to end up working more and more computers and fewer people: already demonstrated that well designed algorithms can some rummaging with efficiency through thousands of folders, finding connections between cases and developing synthesis – that is performing much of the work routine, time-consuming, a lawyer.
We, though, closer to prophecy sociologist Jeremy Rifkin, expressed in his book The End of Work (1995): society is entering a new phase, one that will require fewer workers (human) to produce quantity of goods and services consumed, and sophisticated computer technology will take us, increasingly, to a world almost devoid of workers.
Anyway, in a few decades, the concept of full-time job, as we understand it today, will be much less widespread and applied. However, once the situation presented, the problem identified and fired warning signs, it’s time to be proposed some solutions?
The obvious solution, Brynjolfsson and McAfee’s vision would be that man the rotation of evolution against the machines, but with them. Competition productivity can be gained if we see the evolution of technology not as a threat but as an opportunity.
One example (of many possible) apps sold through the App Store and Android Marketplace have given many people endowed with intelligence made ​​it possible to earn money by taking advantage of new and sophisticated technology behind smartphones, whose use is spreading rapidly.
Automated systems with all their great abilities – speed, lack of fatigue, boredom, and others – tend, however, to be limited to be limited to making fast and well what they were trained to do, and only that.
When it comes to imagination, intuition, creativity, ability to adapt, improvise gift and act spontaneously, the power to feel others’ emotions and react to them – all deeply human capacities – they are still our only ours. As clever as machines, they can not, at present, equal qualities of man power with which nature has endowed us by millions of years of evolution. It remains to change our vision of work and life, to identify those areas where cars can not cope as well as a man, and the only areas where priceless human qualities will always remain valuable and indispensable.

Help! The robot stole my job.

Help! The robot stole my job.
As the pace of mechanization / automation grew, people began to fear that they will be overtaken by cars in the competition for jobs. In 1930, economist John Maynard Keynes warned of the emergence of a new social disease, which he called “technological unemployment”, a term defining a worrying situation


The pace at which the economy managed to create jobs was slower than the rate at which jobs are dwindling because of automation.
Fortunately, it did not happen even catastrophe predicted by Keynes, or, anyway, not when; until a few years ago, automation coexisted relatively peacefully with their work people.

Help! The robot stole my job.

But recently, other authors have begun to draw the same alarm, louder and clear.
Two American experts in technology and productivity, Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew P. McAfee, the Center for Digital Business at MIT have recently released a book – Race Against the Machine – which explores current issues of competitive relationship between humans and artificial intelligence labor market. Their conclusion is depressing: people lose race with cars.

They believe that the pace of automation has picked up lately, due to a combination of technological innovations such as robots, numerically controlled machines, computerized inventory tools, voice recognition systems, e-commerce.
Not all specialists in the field believe that automation is accelerating; Robert J. Gordon of Northwestern University and Tyler Cowen (George Mason University), for example, states that between 1995-2004, there was an increase in productivity due to improvements tehbologice, but that growth has stalled then actually which they interpret as evidence that automated systems can not take everything, but there is a limit beyond which human replacement drive is not possible.
“Where is the limit?” is the question around which leads the battle of ideas between specialists contemporaries.
Human intelligence, artificial intelligence.
For a long time, we have deceived reassuring idea that automated systems not only can replace repetitive and routine work, not activities that involve complex perceptions, analyzing information and making decisions. But as Brynjolfsson and McAfee say, machine capabilities visibly improve and continue to improve. Machines evolve and become able to take on tasks that until a few years ago seemed accessible to human beings.

In 2004, economists Frank Levy and Richard J. Murnane have published a paper called the new division of labor, the analysis capabilities of computers and people – what computers can do and what not?
Driving a truck, for example, was – supposedly – an activity extremely difficult, requiring specific skills fully human and could not be performed robotic systems. It was about recognizing objects moving at different speeds in different directions to react in real time by adjusting the movement of the car all this information – work, they thought the authors, too complex to be performed by a computer system.

You can find more info about this on CNN

Do you? Just a few months ago, Google announced proudly that its driverless cars have traveled thousands of miles on American highways, with only now and then need a helping hand from man on board.

Thus, barriers fall one by one. One by one, occupations which are thought to be inaccessible robots and therefore will remain the prerogative of human beings come to be realized by sophisticated machines equipped with artificial intelligence.